DIY Headboard – Part 1

Looking for a quick and economical way to dress up your master suite, or a guest bedroom? Look no further. Below is Part 1 of my ‘DIY Headboard’ tutorial!

Below you will find the deets on the estimated cost of the project, a list of tools to have in your arsenal as well as materials needed to complete this look! Check back for Part 2 of this post that will show you how to create a quick, easy and most importantly stunning headboard made custom by YOU to fit your twin, full, queen or king beds! Here is a picture of the finished project, on a queen bed:


Project Price, Details, Materials and Tools needed:

Price & Time

Cost: $50 – $100 (depending on the materials you may already have & which size you’re making)

Time: 1 hour at THD (or any hardware store near your home) to find your materials and get your wood cut, 1/2 hour of wood prep (sanding), 15 minutes of assembly, 1 hour to treat & stain the wood (plus dry time for your wood stain)

Total Time: approx. 3 hours

Materials Needed for Queen Bed (prices are approximate)

  • 1 box of 8 x 2 wood screws ($8)
  • 3 foam brushes for stain and polyurethane ($3)
  • Your choice of wood conditioner (optional), wood stain and polyurethane ($10 each)
  • 2 – 2 x 4 cut to 54* inches long each ($3 each).

*The height of the 2×4 should be the height of your bed from the ground to the top of your mattress, plus the height of the 3, 1×12’s (33.75 inches), minus about 4 inches (so the support ‘legs’ are not taller than your headboard!)

  • 3 – 1x12x8ft Pine Boards from Home Depot. For a queen bed, cut each board 64 inches long** (boards are $17 each and you’ll need three)

**See respective bed widths below and alter your headboard width accordingly to match your bed size and your own preferences!

Always measure your bed to makes sure you’re cutting your wood to the appropriate dimensions.  I recommend cutting the wood so it is four inches longer than your mattress (so you will have two inches of overhang on each side of the headboard when the project is finished). If you do not have room to spare in your bedroom, or you prefer more, or less overhang, alter your dimensions accordingly. Always measure your space before deciding on how long you want any project to be!


Required Tools:

  • Electric drill and drill bits (including pre-drill bits)
  • Tape measure
  • Wood pencil
  • Safety goggles, gloves, ventilator mask
  • Towel or tack cloth (to remove dust particles)
  • Electric hand sander and 80, 120 & 240 grit sand paper attachments
    • If you do not have an electric hand sander, you can use sanding blocks, but get ready for a serious arm workout! Check and see if your local Home Depot or Lowe’s has a hand sander for rent!
  • Optional – saw horses, or a work bench

See my blog post on the 5 must have tools for any do it yourself-er for specific recommendations on the best baseline tools to have in your arsenal.

It is that easy! Now that you have your materials & tools, you’re ready to get started. Check back next week for the full tutorial and plans on how to build this very simple, yet stunning headboard. I love hearing from you so let me know if you have any questions, or want to see other types of DIY projects featured on the blog. Leave me a comment, or follow the blog! 

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