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While grateful for my amazing J-O-B, like many, I work to live. Not the other way around. I am passionate person who is inspired by the little things in life, ya know? Like what makes me tick. My hobbies, travel, wood work, photography, DIY projects, interior design, sunshine, snowboarding, my dog and obviously my amazing friends and family. This blog is meant to encompass all of those things and of course more. A place to come to learn how to do it yourself, or to inspire you to take that trip you’ve been dreaming up.

Like most of us, on a daily basis I sit in front of my laptop, buzzing through my white collar work daydreaming about all of the above. All the while I have countries to cross off the list. Places to go, see and to photograph. I have stacks and stacks of unfinished projects sitting in my garage. Some of these projects are for my home, some are earmarked for a gift and some are even for sale, but all of them are made with the same yearning to make something cool and useful. The joy I get from rummaging, building, sanding, drilling, staining and creating is the reason my garage is a mess, the reason my manicure is chipped and the reason I have created this blog.

Rum & Tacos started to in a way, formalize my need to do more with my life and to appreciate the little things in life that make me who I am. Something I have been teetering with for years. Seriously, years. I hope what you find here is a similar inspiration to create something or go somewhere. Anything. Whatever that might be for you. Because for me, it changes by the day, sometimes by the minute.


From a young age I was inspired to create and do. Whether it was scrounging my Dad’s scrap wood pile and his nest of rusty nails to make myself a fort 15 feet high up in a tree, or painting and completely rearranging my bedroom before my parents got home, I have always pushed the limits of conventional projects and crafting. Mix my innate curiosity with my Mom’s knack for rummage sales and I was a DIYer before I was ten (and definitely before it was a ‘thing’). Fast forward twenty-years and here I am, a laundry list of projects from where I was in that tree-fort in West Linn, Oregon, but with the same curiosity and desire to create and do.

Join me on my journey to share my ideas with you all. Here I will document my creations and blog about my projects, share with you the ‘how-to’s’ and most importantly have fun while I am doing it.  Rum & Taco’s is my free expression that will hopefully not only inspire you to create, but it will also change the lens in which you look at the world. I welcome you to my soul’s creations. Welcome to my little world of appreciating the little things . If I can do it, so can you!


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