DIY Headboard – Part 2

Part 1 To kick-off this project with success, make sure you read through 'Part 1' of this tutorial where you will find the estimated cost of the project, a list of tools to have in your arsenal as well as materials needed to complete this look! Part 2 Step 1 -  Prep the Wood!  Now that you... Continue Reading →

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Fiji: Resort Lyfe

This is the third post in a series of travel posts on my trip to Fiji back in August and includes my resort review of the Marriott Resort Momi Bay. Check out the posts that lead up to this one and include how I landed on Fiji as a destination and how I decided where... Continue Reading →

From Oregon to Utah

Being that I relocated seven years ago from Portland, OR to Salt Lake City, UT to turn in the rain for the seasons and the snow, I obviously look forward to the time of year when fall turns to winter. Lots and lots of people are constantly asking me 'why the hell I live in... Continue Reading →

Fiji: The Trip of a Lifetime

My travel philosophy is simple. Pick the time period , find the cheapest flights (hello Google Flights) to a place that may be kind of sorta cool, book it and figure out the lodging later. You can always find a cheap place to stay, but you cannot always find a cheap flight. When I found... Continue Reading →

Looking for a quick and economical way to dress up your master suite, or a guest bedroom? Look no further. Below is Part 1 of my 'DIY Headboard' tutorial! Below you will find the deets on the estimated cost of the project, a list of tools to have in your arsenal as well as materials... Continue Reading →

The Idea Board

Welcome to my idea board! My monthly spot for sharing current projects, new ideas and upcoming tutorials. Everything you have to look forward to next month on the blog - listed out in one place. February - Now, New & Next!  Now - As I was growing sick and tired of my wine and liquor bottles piling... Continue Reading →

License Plate Art

I am a sucker for fun, quick and easy projects. Why? I love results. I love a finished product and I LOVE nothing more than completing one of my projects and telling my husband I told you so (he is definitely one of my biggest fans, but also critics when he is not sure what... Continue Reading →

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